“Tory Government Survival Plan”

From feminist-trainwreck on Tumblr:

for some people, the next few days/weeks will be dedicated entirely to sadness & mourning, and that’s ok. I really believe that it’s important to use our anger to organise, but for those whose lives are going to be profoundly impacted by this government, particularly the disabled, poor, poc and mentally ill, the energy to re-engage in public activism simply isn’t there right now and that’s ok. take time to look after yourself and each other. be with other people who understand, if you can. please reach out if you need to. remember that even in this hopelessness and exhaustion there are people fighting with you and for you.

for those of us who are beginning to be able to look forward from here and think about the fight ahead, here are some resources:

Laurie Penny talks about why we cannot give in to despair

London anti-austerity protest organised on 20th June

– a new mental health taskforce has been assigned by the nhs in england & they want our input in this survey

sign the petition for proportional representation. this campaign will not end here – it is going to be long and tough and absolutely crucial

– donate to your nearest food bank if you are able. find it here

– consider joining a political party and getting involved with their campaigning (as well as working for the change you want to see within the party) –the labour partythe green party

read up on exactly what the tories are planning so that we are engaged and ready to fight each policy. this is a miserable read so take this step when you feel up to it

– do your best to support left wing activists, artists, comedians, musicians etc. They are good for your soul and they need our support right now. check outJosie long’s comedy, Grace Petrie’s music with her band The Benefits Culture (listen to Farewell to Welfare if you haven’t heard her before), jess green’s poetry

– support charities if you are able to – arts emergency is particularly close to my heart (a network of volunteers fighting for the arts and humanities and arguing that they are not just the domain of the privileged). also shelter (a charity fighting homelessness ALONGSIDE campaigning politically to prevent it)

love to you all

please add to this with useful ways we can move forward. i will be using the tag ‘tory gov survival plan’


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