A fresh start.

I’m restarting this blog; I want to make it more focussed and organised and I intend to post here more regularly. I’ve hidden all my old posts, some of them will be reposted soon.

This blog is going to be about three things

  1. Complaining
  2. Activism
  3. Ideas
  • Complaining: expressing my distaste for political developments I feel are going to cause harm to the nation (like, for example, the fact the Tories have just won a majority)
  • Activism: links and resources for things you and I can do; protests, petitions, posters, pamphlets (other activist things that may or may not begin with the letter p).
  • Ideas: my thoughts on ways to improve politics and the state of the country (admittedly these will be idealistic and probably not fully thought out)
  • There could well be some other stuff.

I’m no political expert, I hasten to add, I’ve long taken an interest but I don’t know a lot about stuff. I’m trying to change that and this blog will be as much me educating myself as it will be anything else.

And with that I’m off to find some other politics blogs to read.


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